Flavours & Alergens

We're always working hard on new flavour ideas. Here is our current range of delicious dairy ice cream. Click here to see which flavours are available in out Farm Shop. Other stockists may carry some flavours but our full range is only available at our Farm Shop. We have over thirty flavours and only room for sixteen in our scooping cabinet.

If your favourite flavour isn't out when you call in please come back again as we change them on a weekly basis!

Just Molly label

Just Molly

Dairy ice cream with no added flavour

Vanilla label


Royal Bourbon vanilla with pods

Strawberry label


Made with real strawberry

Mint Choc Chip label

Mint Choc Chip

Natural mint & dark chocolate chips

Chocolate label


Made with quality Cocoa powder

Cora's Chaos label

Cora's Chaos

Dairy ice cream with cookie pieces in chocolate sauce, mini malteasers and mini marshmallows

Raspberry Ripple label

Raspberry Ripple

Dairy ice cream with raspberry sauce

Panna Cotta label

Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta ice cream with caramel sauce

Irish Cream label

Irish Cream

Smooth dairy ice cream laced with whiskey liqueur

Lemon & Ginger label

Lemon & Ginger

Lemon ice cream with crystalised ginger pieces

Wild Cherry Cheesecake label

Wild Cherry Cheesecake

Smooth mascarpone ice cream rippled with cherry sauce, wild cherries and topped with biscuit pieces

Snickers label


Peanut flavour dairy ice cream rippled with peanuts in a chocolate sauce

Rum & Raisin label

Rum & Raisin

Rum ice cream with shredded raisins

Ferrero Rocher label

Ferrero Rocher

Our new luxurious praline ice cream is now available. Spliced with chocolate hazelnut ripple, this rich ice cream is perfect for the ambassador's reception!

Honeycomb label


Honeycomb flavoured ice cream with lots of golden honeycomb chunks scattered throughout.

Liquorice label


Another classic. Smooth liquorice flavoured ice cream.

Banana label


Banana Flavour Ice Cream

White Chocolate label

White Chocolate

A white chocolate flavour with crispy bits scattered through. We think the Milkybar Kid would be impressed!

Milk Chocolate label

Milk Chocolate

A slightly different flavour to our classic dark choclate ice cream. Some like it milky!

Bakewell Tart label

Bakewell Tart

Roast almond flavoured ice cream with biscuit pieces, rippled with raspberry jam. Our take on the classic Bakewell Tart.

Rhubarb & Custard label

Rhubarb & Custard

Real rhubarb with a lovely custard flavour. Job done!

Cherry Coke label

Cherry Coke

Everyone's favourite from the after school tuck shop. A fizzy cherry coke flavour with real cherries rippled through.

Pear Drop label

Pear Drop

A very fruity pear flavoured ice cream rippled with crunchy fruit salad pieces to get that classic pear drop flavour.

Blueberry Muffin label

Blueberry Muffin

Real blueberries along with biscuit pieces go to make up this amazing new flavour. Can you count the blueberries in your muffin?

Cappuccino (with a kick) label

Cappuccino (with a kick)

Our experimental coffee ice cream was so popular we added this new Cappucino flavour to our list. Rippled with crunchy choclate bits for that extra kick.

Fruit & Nut label

Fruit & Nut

A hazelnut flavoured ice cream scattered with raisins and sultanas finished with a choclate sauce rippled through.

Amaretto & Lemon Cheesecake label

Amaretto & Lemon Cheesecake

Coconut label


Christmas Pudding label

Christmas Pudding

Caramel label


Toffee label


Blackberry label


White Chocolate & Cranberry label

White Chocolate & Cranberry

Turkish Delight label

Turkish Delight

Toffee Apple label

Toffee Apple

Parkin label


Orange label


Maple & Walnut label

Maple & Walnut

Banoffee Pie label

Banoffee Pie

Gingerbread label


Bubblegum label


Black Forrest Gateau label

Black Forrest Gateau

Hazlenut label


Chocolate Orange label

Chocolate Orange

Cherry Brandy label

Cherry Brandy

Apple & Cinnamon label

Apple & Cinnamon

Spiced Pumpkin label

Spiced Pumpkin

Honey Ripple label

Honey Ripple

A base of the award winning Just Molly rippled with honey from the Sheffield Honey Company.

Pink Grapefruit sorbet label

Pink Grapefruit sorbet

Lemon sorbet label

Lemon sorbet

Sunset Orange sorbet label

Sunset Orange sorbet