Our Cow molly

Our Cow Molly

Our ice cream parlour is open 11am to 5pm

Everyday during the school holidays!

On a sunny day we get really busy! Peak time is generally 2pm onwards, expect to queue around half an hour to get into the ice cream parlour.

Our vending machine shop is open 8am to 8pm everyday!

Got an event or service you want to promote across Sheffield?

You can promote it to thousands of people in Sheffield on our milk bottles.

We send the bottles of milk out across Sheffield with a 10 day shelf life, people see them on the supermarket shelf, or in cafes & at home in their fridge. Because people use milk multiple times a day it’s a far better way to communicate than a leaflet & you’ll never get a leaflet read more than once.

Milk Bottle Promotion perfectly achieves the marketing rule of 7's before the milk bottle is recycled.

Rule of 7’s: A potential customer must see a message at least 7 times before they'll be provoked to take an action.

5,000 milk bottle ads £257 (+vat)

10,000 milk bottle ads £388 (+vat)

The more you have the cheeper it becomes.

Example advert
Our Cow molly

We are located in a small village called Dungworth in Sheffield which is just outside the peak district and is classified as an area of outstanding natural beauty. You can come up to the farm for an ice cream cone or an ice cream sundae! Sit in our ice cream parlour, or on one of our benches and enjoy the view. Or or just pop in and pick up some ice cream in a tub for your tea.