Farm Shop & Ice Cream Parlour

All the ice cream is available from the farm where it’s made. We are always making new flavours which are sold at the farm first. If they go well they will be available through our retailers in Sheffield.

We are open 11am to 5pm

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

PEAK TIME 2:00pm to 5:00pm (expect to queue)

As well as the shop we also have new born calves, lambs and hens to come and see. Molly and her friends will be about too when they come in for milking, usually around 4pm.

About The Farm

In 1947 my grandad Hector Andrew started our dairy farm. We are located in Dungworth on the top of one of the seven Hills Sheffield is built on.

When my grandad first started delivering his bottled milk in Sheffield, a pint of milk had the same value as a loaf of bread and a pint of beer.

60 years later my Mum, Dad and Brother are running the farm. Today the milk price is so poor three UK dairy farmers a day are giving up producing milk. We didn’t want to be next so Our Cow Molly dairy ice cream was born!

We have been producing our ice cream since 2007 and have had great support from the people of Sheffield.

The big difference in our ice cream is that we use fresh milk and cream, not many ice cream producers can afford to buy in so much dairy product, but we have 80 cows so that’s no problem for us!

Our Cow Molly ice cream is made with our farm’s milk and cream, to which we add only the best quality ingredients.

Latest Flavour

We Accept These Cards

We Accept These Cards

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